Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Registration is Open!

Registration for the reunion is now open!  We've enlisted the help of an event registration site that will allow you to pay with a credit card.  Click >>HERE<< to register for the event.  Your reunion committee has been working very hard to identify all of our classmates, and kudos to Vickie Gordon Arrowood who has gone above and beyond!  We are down to less than 10 "missing" classmates.  It was very important to us, from the beginning, identify as many people as possible from our class.  Now that we're all found, it's all done but the registering, arriving and having fun!

We worked very hard to keep this event affordable for everyone so that it was not cost prohibitive.  The $45.00 per/person fee covers the following:  dinner, tax, gratuity, rental of the facility, the cost of the band, nominal fees for transactions on the registration website, liability insurance for the event, cost of direct mail (for a subset of alumni), decorations, advertising, place settings....and a whole bunch of other things that I have probably forgotten.

We hope that you will plan on coming for this opportunity to mix, mingle, meet, get re-acquainted with your classmates and friends form the Class of 1988.

Thank you for your support!!!

Your Reunion Planning Committee

Saturday, November 10, 2012

JammSammich to Play at the Reunion

When we first started talking about the reunion, we wanted to make sure that we planned a fun event that everyone would want to attend.  Two things were evident from almost the beginning.  First, we thought the event would be at the Dome in Pekin, and second, I knew that I wanted to see if we could book JammSammich for the night.

If you're not familiar with the band, click >>HERE<< for more information. 

I've known lead singer Brian Carroll since we were all Freshmen in High School. Brian attended Limestone, and I used to compete with him at speech tournaments.  Over the course of four years of competing on the same circuit, we became well acquainted.  Although I haven't lived in Illinois for over 17 years, I was glad to be back in touch with Brian on Facebook.

I'm super excited about this choice.  I'm assured by my friends in Central Illinois that JammSammich is a well-known local band that draws good crowds and has a loyal fan base.  I'm assured by Brian that they plan on putting on a great 80's themed concert for us.

If you're interested, you can follow them on Facebook by clicking >>HERE<<.

I want you to know that a core group of folks are in touch weekly working on the reunion details to plan a great night for the class of 1988!  Thank you for all of your support, and stay tuned for announcements about registration coming after the first of the year.

Take care!

Wendy Danley Davis

Monday, September 10, 2012

June 21-23, 2013

We are pleased to announce that we have a date for the PCHS Class of 1988 25th Anniversary Class Reunion.  There are a lot of moving parts to selecting a date, and after consulting several alumni, the venue of choice and matching calendars with other aspects of the event, we have determined that the primary reunion event will take place on Saturday, June 22, 2013 at the Avanti's Dome. 

Put it on your calendars now, and please plan to attend!

More information will be forthcoming, and more volunteers will be needed! 

Thank you for your support!

Your Reunion Planning Committee

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Check out the new Blog!

Alrightee class of 1988, this is our new page for all things related to the reunion.  It will continue to morph over the next few months. As we finalized the location, dates and event details you will find information posted here as well as on FB.  But I had to take a minute to show you the cool design that was created just for our class.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  Took me right back to 1988!

We are welcome to suggestions on content and layout.  

Take Care,

Wendy Danley Davis